What We Do

who we are

helping understand behaviour

Hello, I am Andrew Mills

An entrepreneur, writer, coach, eternal life long learner, proud husband and father, dedicated to helping people working together; making the world a better place. 

Me and My Continuing Journey

I am:

  • Sharing what I am learning
  • A Behavioural Coach by Choice
  • A Chartered Surveyor (Real Estate) by Profession
  • A Carpenter Joiner by Trade
mBIT Master Coach

Using a fusion of practical neuroscience and Content Free Coaching™, to access subconscious (limiting) behaviours – illuminating the way for improved performance and clarity.

The Content free Coaching™️ Experience

Coachee’s say working with Babel Consulting is a different experience from working other coaching companies. Babel Consulting do not try and fit you into a model. 

We specialise in Content Free Coaching, we don’t need to know your personal answers. The magic key is asking the right rhetorical questions and teaching you how to harness more of your neurological power – using emerging neuroscience.


Working together, we’re better, helping make the World a better place

Helping you discover:

  • What you truly want
  • What is really holding you back
  • The answers for yourself, going forward